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RenewableNI’s parent company RenewableUK (RUK) are in the process of undertaking their annual survey.  Last year they had responses including data from 22 employees in companies in Northern Ireland – which they are keen to improve on.

The survey is an important piece of research, which is carried out for the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) to underpin the Offshore Wind Skills Intelligence Report, as a key part of their Offshore Wind Sector Deal work with the Government. It is an annual survey of jobs in the UK offshore wind industry, including employment numbers and roles, regional locations, and opportunities for apprentices and new graduates.  RUK are also gathering data on gender and ethnicity to enable us to demonstrate that we are a diverse and inclusive sector.

This research is vital for the industry to be able to understand and address any shortages in both the short and long term, to ensure the development and delivery of future projects; especially issues which cannot be addressed at project level, but which need an industry wide response. OWIC has committed to report annually on the progress which the industry has made on our Offshore Wind Sector Deal commitments on job creation. Labour market information is also vital in the submission to Government of Supply Chain Plans by companies seeking to qualify for CfDs. It informs the investment decisions of academic and training bodies too, enabling them to support the supply of people into the industry.

The link to complete the survey is:  and it is to be returned to  RUK will keep a rolling list of returns on the OWIC website so that you are able to check to see if your company has submitted one.  We ask to receive responses by 30th November 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Celia Anderson
Offshore Wind Sector Deal – People & Skills Director