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Tuesday 5 September | 10.30am-12.30pm

In the latest in the renewable energy seminar series, sponsored by A&L Goodbody, we discussed accelerating NI’s renewables.

Attendees heard from expert speakers as we discussed how we can work together to achieve 80% renewable electricity generation by 2030.

As part of the event RenewableNI launched our new report Accelerating Renewables in Northern Ireland, conducted by KPMG, focusing on how we can accelerate the timelines to acheive the Climate Act target.  This includes grid, markets and planning.

Russell Smyth, report author, presented the findings and explain the research, before taking questions from the audience.  John Tougher, Partner at A&L Goodbody, spoke on how developers can get easements signed up in advance and then hand them over to NIE or SONI.

Dagny Ahrend, RenewableNI, provided an overview of the current Northern Ireland renewable generation and the work of RenewableNI to accelerate this.

This series is shortlisted for a Best Event Award.

Accelerating NI Renewables speakers

John Tougher wearing suit and no tie

John Tougher, Partner in property, A&L Goodbody

John has over a decade of experience in dealing with commercial property matters in both the public and private sectors including all aspects of specialist Landlord and Tenant advice – site acquisition, assembly, development funding and disposal. John is also one of the leading property lawyers working in the energy sector in Northern Ireland and advises utilities, developers and lenders with a particular focus on on-shore and off-shore wind. In addition, John advises many of the leading insolvency practitioners in the jurisdiction in relation to property insolvency matters.

Using Land Options to Maximise Development Potential and Accelerate Delivery PP(71322565.1) (002)

Dagny Ahrend, Policy Analyst, RenewableNI

The newest member of the team, Dagny joined RenewableNI in April 2023. Dagny leads in the policy areas of Offshore Wind and Planning and supports the working groups. Dagny is also responsible for servicing the RenewableNI Committee.

RNI Introduction Slides (DA)

Russell SMyth, Head shoot against blue background

Russell Smyth, Partner, KPMG

Author of the report, Russell leads the KPMG’s renewable energy advisory practice.

He has extensive experience across a wide variety of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, wood biomass, anaerobic digestion and energy from waste.

RenewableNI – Accelerating renewables presentation by KPMG Russell Smyth

Certificate of CIPR best award

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