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RenewableNI, the voice of NI’s renewable electricity sector, is looking for guest writers for our new blog.

We welcome contributions from members, academics and those with an expert knowledge on any aspect of the renewable energy, especially electricity.

Whether you work for a large onshore wind company or own a single wind turbine, are researching hydrogen or setting up solar power, RenewableNI wants to get your voice heard.

We also welcome writers from local government and councils in Northern Ireland.  Having someone write from their perspective as a planner would be interesting for those people who are trying to get projects through the planning system.

If you are an expert in policy you can help people to understand the developments and changes ahead for Northern Ireland after the publication of the NI Energy Strategy.

The renewable blog posts should be short pieces between 600-800 words.  They are aimed at providing insight, analysis or comment on the renewable energy sector.

Topics to consider writing on include:
  • What is the different between renewable electricity and renewable energy?
  • How do solar panels generate electricity?
  • What does Northern Ireland need to do to increase EV (electric vehicle) drivers?
  • How are onshore wind turbines installed?
  • How to get to the offshore wind capacity in the NI Energy Strategy,
  • A day in the life of …. (your job),
  • An explainer piece – eg five things you may not know about …
  • You can comment on stories in the news,
  • You can write about your own (or company) research or explain new research by someone else for lay-person to understand.

Don’t worry if you have never written before.  RenewableNI’s Communication and Events Manager will work with you to ensure your article is easy to read and

You will also be given some advice about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure that your post is easy to find online.

For more information, please contact