For the third time in 2022 a new record in wind energy generation has been recorded from onshore wind in Northern Ireland.

On Saturday 5 February at 1.15pm the new record of 1059MW of wind was generated by onshore wind in Northern Ireland.  This is an incredible 105% of the demand at the time!

SONI Ltd, the electricity transmission system operator for NI, reported that a new all-island wind generation record was set at the same time of 4584MW.  This beat the existing all-island record of 4489MW set in February 20021.

Just after midnight on Sunday wind was supplying 96% of the demand across Ireland.

The Northern Ireland record has only been set for a few days before when 1043MW was recorded on 30 January.  This meant 93% of the NI electricity demand was generated by onshore wind.

The first of the three records for NI was set on 6 January when 1037MW was generated by wind at 8.15am, making up 92% of the demand.  This broke the previous record that had been held since March 2019.

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