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RenewableNI is disappointed to see the latest clean electricity figures, published by DfE, show a slight dip.

RenewableNI, which represents the renewable electricity industry, has warned that we need to more than double this to reach the 80 per cent by 2030 obligation.

Commenting on the Electricity Consumption and Renewable Generation in Northern Ireland: Year Ending September 2023 RenewableNI Director, Steven Agnew, said:

“The figures are published quarterly, reflecting the previous 12 months.  The amount will rise or drop by a small percentage each time depending on the weather.  Unfortunately, a dramatic and much needed increase is not going to be seen, until significant new generation is added.

“Northern Ireland was a global leader in renewable projects but only 86MW of new large-scale generation has been connected this decade.

“Investment in the sector has stalled.  The Accelerating Renewables report revealed 82per cent of global developers considered Northern Ireland an unattractive investment location for renewables.  More than $350 billion of capital has poured into renewable infrastructure investment around the world in the first half of 2023, yet Northern Ireland has attracted virtually nothing.

“Last year NI consumers avoided paying £500 million to import gas because of electricity provided by wind.  As more generation becomes available consumers will have increased energy security and protection from volatile fossil fuel prices, as well as cutting our carbon emissions.

“An Accelerating Renewables Taskforce needs established urgently to ensure NI gets back on track for meeting its renewables target.”


For media inquiries please contact Judith Rance, Communications and Events Manager, RenewableNI,, 07875-681-794.  


Read more about the Accelerating Renewables in NI report at

You can read the DfE Electricity Consumption and Renewable Generation in Northern Ireland report published on 7 December 2023 online.