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RenewableNI, the voice of Northern Ireland’s renewable electricity industry, launched a report on the economic and environmental benefits of offshore wind today (Tuesday 6 September).

The Clean Revolution – Building Northern Ireland’s Offshore Wind Industry sets out how the industry and government can work together to achieve 1.5 GW of electricity by 2032.

In addition to meeting enough clean electricity annually to power 1.6 million homes, or 2.5 million electric cars, The Clean Revolution outlines:

  • a total of £1.9 billion will be spent on NI suppliers.
  • This results in a GVA of £2.4 billion and
  • 1,500 new jobs in peak construction years with a total of 32,400 FTE years across the life of the projects.

This will save over 49 million tonnes of CO² emissions – the equivalent of taking 1.2 million cars off the road or planting 800 million trees.

Steven Agnew, Director of RenewableNI said:

“The Clean Revolution proposes ways we can work together to maximise the economic benefits for Northern Ireland.  This is a win win for the people here.  By investing in the renewable electricity industry, we directly benefit the local economy as well as tackling the climate crisis.

“More electricity from renewable sources will push down the prices the consumers here are paying, something everyone cares about right now.  It means more jobs and greater energy security.

NI suppliers are already part of port side activities and foundation installation of offshore wind projects.  The crossover with onshore wind ensures NI suppliers are already part of this aspect of logistics

Niamh Kenny, Chair of RenewableNI’s Offshore Wind Group and Project Director of North Channel Wind, said:

“Northern Ireland is in a great position to really benefit from the creation of an offshore wind industry.  Those of us already in the industry are keen to collaborate with the government.

“Long-term projects will instil confidence in developers and suppliers and draw global focus and funds to Northern Ireland.  Establishing a local enterprise hub, secondments between government employees and developers and central apprenticeship programs is a draw for investing here.

Niamh continued:

“It has been a challenge for the industry to retain high quality technicians.  This is an area for up-skilling and employment growth.”

Concluding the launch, Steven Agnew said:

“It is vital that we act now.  By working together the offshore wind industry and NI government can deliver a clean revolution in energy and economy!”

A pdf copy of The Clean Revolution – Building Northern Ireland’s Offshore Wind Industry is available to download.

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