To mark International Women’s Day 2022, we highlight some of the women in the renewable energy industry.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson

RES’ Head of Communications and Policy.

Rachel has worked in the renewables industry for 14 years and is responsible for RES’ public affairs, communications, media relations and community liaison. She has worked across all jurisdictions within the UK&I, on a range of different technologies – offshore wind, onshore wind, solar and energy storage, throughout the full project lifecycle from inception to generation.

Rachel has been Chair of RenewableNI for six years.

Sara Tinsley BSc, DipTP, MRTPI

Planning and Environmental Consents Manager, Energia Renewables

I am a Chartered Town Planner managing planning and environmental matters across Ireland, supporting the development of wind, solar, battery storage, hydrogen production, and other renewable technologies for Energia Renewables.   The Company is one of Ireland’s Top 50 Businesses and leads the energy industry across the island of Ireland, generating and supplying renewable electricity, championing innovation, investment and sustainable growth.

Sara is the chair of the RenewableNI Planning working group.

Advice to females interested in considering a role in renewables:

“Our world needs to be enhanced both environmentally and socially if we hope to create a more inspiring ideal for future generations.  If you have an unwavering work ethic and a commitment to our planet, then you can be triumphant in this sector, or indeed any sector that you choose to work within. Nothing is out of reach.”

Sara Tinsley

Le-ann Campbell

Carson McDowell LLP, Associate Solicitor (Corporate & Renewables)

Le-ann is a corporate solicitor in the Carson McDowell corporate team with particular expertise in the energy sector. She has extensive experience advising energy companies and developers with particular focus on power management/supply, grid connection, compliance with energy legislation and other regulatory requirements. Le-ann also advises on the acquisition and sale of renewable projects as well as joint ventures within the energy sector.

Le-ann sits on the RenewableNI Small Scale Wind Working Group.

Le-ann Campbell
Anne Ford

Anne Ford

Chair of Drumlin Wind Energy Co-op

Anne has been Chair of Northern Ireland’s first community owned energy project for five years.

Anne is worked with colleagues from Drumlin and Northern Ireland Community Energy to make the case for community energy in the NI Energy Strategy.  She is also Drumlin’s link to Energy 4 All, which supports a range of renewable co-ops across the UK.

Anne joined the Board of Drumlin after a career in education, specialising in biology, environmental science and animal management.  She also runs a small organic farm with her family.  An early Drumlin highlight was the opportunity to visit a number of renewable projects in Germany.

As a former teacher and lecturer, Anne takes a particular interest in Drumlin’s BREESI (Bringing Renewable EnErgy to Schools Initiative) which is supported by the co-op’s Community Fund.  BREESI has been instrumental in promoting renewables technology and its significance to Key Stage 2 pupils in a number of Primary Schools close to the turbines.

“I would advise young women entering the field to be prepared to commit themselves to something that’s truly making a difference in the world.  Working in renewables inspires a work ethic that is more conscientious in nature.  Every day we find ourselves working towards bringing our communities and societies along with us on our journey, engaging in our stories because they really matter.

“If you’re a young woman and believe you have a role to play in shaping the future for generations to come, you will thrive in this industry.”

Ruth Kimbley

“There is a growing sense, especially in current global circumstances, that energy from renewables offers a very significant part of the answer to the prevailing issue of a safe, secure and reasonably priced energy supply.  The stakes are high.

“What an important time for women to step up, find their niche in the industry and prove that, as ever, they are on the right side of history!”

Anne Ford

Ruth Kimbley

Communications Director, Strategy Power Projects

Ruth is a qualified Communications practitioner with almost 20 years experience in industries including, travel & aviation, automotive, pharmaceutical and FMCG.

Her initial years were spent in London with global consumer goods organisation Unilever where she worked in Corporate Relations.

Formerly Head of Communications for a Northern Ireland airport, she oversaw external and internal communications strategies often relating to large planning applications that required a significant amount of stakeholder engagement and community consultation.

She has successfully advised public and private sector clients on communications projects of all sizes throughout Northern Ireland including crisis planning that would involve quick implementation of internal communications plans and adjusting of external plans regarding COVID-19.

Ruth Kimbley in front of solar panel

Tamasin Fraser

Director of ABO Wind NI

Appointed to the role in 2018, she is responsible for delivering the Companies pipeline of onshore wind and energy storage projects across Northern Ireland.  She is a Chartered Planner with over 15 years’ experience in the private sector, a decade of which has been spent in the development of renewables which most recently includes, the Group’s first 50MW Battery Energy Storage project.  Prior to joining ABO, Tamasin worked in private consultancy for a range of major clients across various sectors in England and Wales before returning home to Northern Ireland in 2007.